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  1. July 4 Extra - Recording of American Salute (USCG Band)

    To help celebrate the holiday coming in 2 days (Independence Day, 4th of July), we have a download of one of the finest military bands in the world, The United States Coast Guard Band. The selection here is American Salute:

    U.S.C.G. Band - American Salute, from 2003
  2. Panel Discussion - Careers in Low Brass

    At the year's International Euphonium Institute, there was a panel discussion, or round-table, on the topic of careers for tuba or euphonium players. The panel included Adam Frey, David Childs, David Werden, Brian Bowman, Martin Cochran, Kevin Wass, and Eugene Dowling. We all discussed our own history and also took questions from the audience.

    The recording of the event is available on the Euphonium-Tuba forum, in the Downloads for Members Only section. You must be logged in as ...
  3. Part 8: Arthur Lehman Remembers Euphoniumist Harold Brasch

    The 8th article by Arthur Lehman about Harold Brasch is now online. Arthur shares more of his memories of the great player and teacher.

    Here is an excerpt:

    ...The college kid had a brand new Besson euphonium, shiny silver plated. Beautiful horn. To get an idea how the boy played, Harold put up a piece of music for the pupil to read. Apparently, the young fellow was not making a good impression on Harold with a sort of "attitude problem." Too smart, it seems. ...
  4. America the Beautiful - Army Brass Quintet

    We offered this piece last year around this time as well, but it is appropriate to offer it again as we approach our Independence Day national holiday (the 4th of July, 231st anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence). It is a free MP3 download of the United States Army Band Brass Quintet playing an arrangement of American the Beautiful. Nice arrangement and nice performance!

    Download America the Beautiful by the Army Brass Quintet
  5. Reflections from IEI 2007

    As regular readers of this blog know, I recently taught, coached, and performed at the International Euphonium Institute. It was truly an inspiring event.

    I have been attending low brass events for a couple dozen years or more, and there is often a chance to hear students play in different venues. If you haven't been to an event of this quality before, you owe it to yourself to get to one. The level of performance of the students I heard was very exciting. Some very difficult ...
  6. New Article about Harold Brasch's Euphonium Teaching

    Arthur Lehman as contributed another article about his euphonium mentor, Harold Brasch (known as "Mr. Euphonium"). In this installment Arthur shares insights into Brasch's teaching style.

    Euphonium Teaching: The Harold Brasch Method
  7. Can the Coast Guard Band Appear in Your Town?

    The answer is probably "Yes" but there may be some organizational efforts involved! On the Band's webiste is a contact link for requesting the Band's Tour Director. There is also a downloadable PDF (Adobe Reader) file so you can see what the requirements and recommendations are. It's a great Band - see what you can do to get them in your town!

    Coast Guard Band, Tour Information

    Host's Handbook (2008 version)

    Hear the USCG Band play a nice ...
  8. My Program at IEI

    I promised I would post my program and how to obtain the music. The list below is my complete program, and I tried to list sources for the music (but some, like Morning Song) may be tough to get.

    I opened with a brand-new arrangement of mine, Neapolitan Dance from Swan Lake. It's short and within the ability of most good players:

    Neapolitan Dance

    The Allegro Moderato by Capuzzi is one that I did last year. It is the first movement of the Concerto ...
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