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  1. Music Appreciation 101, part 5: the Double-Bell Euphonium

    The double-bell euphonium was an interesting invention. It is rumored that it was created so that euphonium players could choose between the large, soloist euphonium sound or a smaller, more trombone-like sound. Here is a photo of a double-bell euphonium:

    The horn has one additional valve. In the photo above, the main horn is a 4-valve euphonium. The 5th valve is used only to divert the air to the small bell when desired. Both bells can not be played at the same time. Other models ...
  2. Researching a Performance

    One of the best ways for students to learn how to play well is by listening to great artists perform. Unfortunately, many students seem to listen only to euphonium recordings in preparing some pieces. In the case of music from another medium, such as voice, strings, piano, etc. it can be instructive (and even inspiring) to hear artists outside the warm fuzzy world of the euphonium.

    A terrific piece to prepare is Schubert Serenade D. 957, No. 4, which is also called Standchen. ...
  3. Army Conference - More Photos

    One thing about The United States Army Band's Tuba-Euphonium Conference: you get to see a lot of friends! This year was no exception, plus I got to see some business associates as well.

    This was my first chance to meet face-to-face with Bryan Doughty, one of the owners of Cimarron Music (the company that publishes all my music and books). But, being in a daze apparently, I did not get a photo! Take my word for it - he looks nice and smiles a lot.

    I was a little ...
  4. Trigger Maintenance

    A great option available on a few top euphonium brands is the tuning slide trigger. No euphonium will ever be made that is perfectly in tune. The modern crop is pretty good, but there are still notes that need adjustment. Fortunately, most of the adjustment needed is to bring the note's pitch down, which a trigger can solve.

    Some trumpets/cornets use pivoted triggers instead of a simple pull ring. These are fairly simple because the trigger is pushed very close to the slide it ...
  5. Army Band Tuba-Euphonium Conference, 2008 - Thoughts

    Most readers of this blog probably already know about the annual Tuba-Euphonium Conference held on Ft. Meyer by the United States Army Band ("Pershing's Own"). The event charges no admission, so the only costs are travel, meals, and lodging. Each year they have some great guest artists, master classes, large ensemble concert(s), as well as recitals by military musicians and college teachers.

    One interesting event is the open reading session. Anyone at the conference with a tuba ...
  6. Sterling Excalibur Model

    I just returned from the Army Band Tuba-Euphonium Conference. While there I spent considerable time at the Custom Music booth fielding questions about euphoniums and talking to the man who builds Sterlings, Paul Riggett. It was a fun time!

    One of the Sterling euphoniums on display was a special model nicknamed "Excalibur." It is the same as the standard Virtuoso model except that it has a different treatment of the bell's edge. There is no roll on the edge of the bell.
  7. Music Appreciation 101, part 5: The Talent Behind the Screen

    There are a great many movies where an actor will pretend to be performing onscreen, but in reality there is another musician doing the actual performance. As brass players, many of notice people doing a not-so-good job of pretending. Some are better than others.

    One of the more famous examples is in the Benny Goodman story, where Steve Allen is the actor playing Goodman. Benny was a famous jazz clarinet player, and Steve Allen actually was an amateur clarinetist, so his pretending ...
  8. Twin Cities Event Coming Up - Bowman, Perantoni, and More

    The 6th annual Tubonium event is coming up on March 13-15. It is a must-attend event for tuba and euphonium players in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. This year they are featuring Brian Bowman on euphonium, Dan Perantoni on tuba, and the University of Wisconsin - Madison Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble under the direction of John Stevens.

    As usual there are many other artists around who you will want to meet and chat with. There will be several vendors, and it's a great chance to try out ...
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