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  1. Veterans' Day - Hooray for Hollywood (of Days Gone By)

    Keeping in mind that November 11 is Veterans' Day, it seems like a good time to mention some of our Hollywood heroes who were also heroes in real life. There aren't many instances (in my limited research) where famous actors joined the military to fight in the Vietnam War or the Gulf War(s). But in World War II (and even Korea) things were different. Here is a partial list:

    Alec Guinness (Doctor Zhivago, Star Wars)

    Operated landing craft on D-Day for the British Royal ...
  2. The Galen Hall March by Monroe Althouse - Free MP3

    Pennsylvania-born composer Monroe Althouse (1853-1924) played violin, cornet and trombone, and was a friend of John Philip Sousa. Althouse composed about 150 marches in his lifetime.

    In the 1970's many bands from around the world, including all the major U.S. military bands, participated in a project to record marches that had become less-well-remembered over the years. The series was funded by euphonium hobbyist Robert Hoe and was called "Heritage of the March."

    The United States Coast Guard Band ...
  3. Free Recordings of Adam Frey - Performance and Interview

    I have written about this before, but it is time for a reminder. There is a great website called Brasscast that offers a podcast every week featuring brass bands (or sometimes individual players or composers) from around the world. I am always surprised by the number and variety of bands they feature, from world-famous bands such as Black Dyke Mills to bands I haven't heard of before but am glad to learn about. But they all have something to offer!

    Their most recent podcast, from ...
  4. A New Look at The Music Man

    I have been "studying" one of my favorite movies lately -- The Music Man. "Why do I like it?" you might ask. First, it is set in my home state of Iowa. And of course it is the only musical I can think of that has a song with the word "euphonium" in it. But mostly I just like the music.

    I hope you are already familiar with the story. I cheating salesman goes from town to town in the Midwest selling things people don't need. So he creates a need. In ...
  5. Russian Christmas Music, Video of C.G. Band and Russian Band

    This a 2-part video of a concert in Leningrad, USSR (now St. Petersburg). It was from a tour The United States Coast Guard Band did in 1989. We played several concerts around the area and capped it with a joint concert between the USCG Band and the Leningrad Military District Band. The performance was in October Hall, June 22, 1989. (This was the first anniversary of the USA-USSR Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.) The concert was broadcast live on Russian television.

    Part ...
  6. Find Hidden Treasures on eBay

    If you use eBay, you may sometimes notice that not all sellers are good spellers. In the past I have searched for a couple words that are not easy for everyone to spell: euphonium and severinsen (i.e. Doc Severinsen). So I try various mis-spellings to see if one is listed that way, but it is hard to guess how someone might butcher the spelling.

    Not to fear! If you like to find bargains on eBay, computer technology is coming to your rescue. There is a website that lets you type ...
  7. Watch Out for Scams Via Shorted URL's

    Pasting long URL's (web page addresses) into an email or message box can be problematic, so many people use URL shortening services, such as, to make these addresses very short. If often use, which turns the address of my previous blog post from this:

    to this:

    Much shorter and more convenient. However, ...
  8. New Euphonium Videos Added

    By now I hope you are familiar with the section on this site offering brass videos. There are sections for brass ensemble, trumpet, horn, euphonium, trombone, and tuba. I recently added euphonium videos featuring Demondrae Thurman, Steve Mead, Matt Tropman, Demondrae Thurman, Gail Robertson, and Grant Pitcher. Just go to the page below - the rest should be obvious. (And links to the other instruments are right there as well)

    Euphonium Music Videos
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