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  1. Video: Midwinter Tuba Quintet

    I just had my third opportunity to play on A Prairie Home Companion, the national radio show that originates very near where I live. This was the third appearance of the "Midwinter Tuba Quintet," which was formed in 1997 expressly for this show. The members who just performed are:

    Euphoniums: Tom Ashworth, Dave Werden
    Tubas: Nick Adragna, Mike Forbes, Ralph Hepola

    Here are two features where the group can be heard. The first is "Tuba Blues," an original composition ...
  2. Video: Euphonium Solo/Piano Version of March from Holst's Second Suite

    As my opener for the second half of my recent euphonium recital in Eau Claire, I used my brand-new arrangement of the March from Second Suite in F for Military Band by Gustav Holst. (The whole arrangement includes the Song without Words as well, although I did not use it for this recital.) The arrangement is for euphonium and piano, and should be available soon from Cimarron Music Press. Here is the video of that performance:

    David Werden, euphonium - March from Second Suite in F for Military Band, by Gustav Holst, arranged for euphonium solo and piano by David Werden
  3. Video: Euphonium/Tuba Duet - Bless This House

    On February 10, 2013, it was my great pleasure to perform a euphonium recital at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. My host was the Professor of Tuba at Eau Claire, Dr. Jerry Young, and Dr. Barbara Young was the pianist. It was great fun to be together with the Youngs again, and it seemed like too good an opportunity to not take advantage of having such a fine tubist on the recital with me. Jerry was kind enough to join me in a duet rendition of "Bless this House" (on his Alexander F tuba). ...
  4. Cornet Soloist David Daws, Now Switching to Euphonium

    David Daws was a very successful and talented cornet soloist with the Salvation Army's International Staff Band. You can hear examples of his cornet playing here:

    Videos of Cornet Soloist David Daws

    But he has some scar tissue on his lip from a previous injury, and that is making it increasingly difficult to play the cornet to the standard he desires. So he made the decision to switch to euphonium, which will not be hampered by that ill-placed scar tissue.

  5. U.S. Marine Band Sousa Concerts - Michael Colburn, Director

    Here is a video narrated by Col. Michael Colburn, director of The United States Marine Band ("The President's Own"). He explains a little about the annual Sousa concert they do and also give some very interesting history of John Philip Sousa. Col. Colburn is formerly the euphonium soloist with the Marine Band.
  6. Historic Video - Conn Instrument Factory, 1937

    Saxworks has just released a restored, historic video showing the operations at the C.G. Conn factory in 1937. It is the only such video known to exist from Pre-WWII United States. You'll see processes for both woodwind and brass instruments. It's an educational and entertaining watch!

    1937 C.G. Conn Factory - RARE pre-WWII footage
  7. Watch Where You Point that Thing

    At some point during my adult life I began to notice singers "working" the microphone. I may have first noticed this with Steve Lawrence, who was quite popular in my early adult life and was on television very often for a couple decades or so. He would employ a variety of microphone angles and placements, depending on the musical needs. If he wanted a deep, sullen sound, he would bring the mic in very close to his mouth. As the dynamics picked up, he would move it further away. There were also some ...
  8. New Video - Gene Pokorny Interview

    I just added a 3-part interview with Gene Pokorny (tuba, Chicago Symphony), given by Michael David. Gene is a very nice person and offers some great insights and advice. It's worth a listen (even for euphonium players!)

    You can find them on this page (along with several other Pokorny videos): Gene Pokorny, Tuba - Videos
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