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  1. Euphonium Soloist Michael Dodd Playing "Harlequin" (Video)

    This is a video of a live concert featuring the young British euphonium virtuoso Michael Dodd (who plays a Sterling Virtuoso euphonium). The solo is written by Philip Sparke and is fine showcase.

  2. Video: Salvation Army Brass Band - Euphonium Solo

    YouTube has a fun video recording online of the Chatham Salvation Army Band (a British-style brass band). It features a euphonium soloist performing a solo I had not heard before, Traveling Along:

    Learn more about the band at their website:

    Chatham Salvation Army Band

  3. Two German Euphoniumists - Ten Bar Galopp

    Just found this on YouTube - great fun! The players are using oval instruments that sound different from a British baritone or a European euphonium. They call these barytons.

  4. Video - I Used to Play the Euphonium (by the Floozies)

    There is a rock group called the Born Again Floozies that can be seen and heard in this video performing what I believe to be the only rock song with "Euphonium" in the title! It is called "I Used to Play the Euphonium" and is now available courtesy of YouTube:

    I Used to Play the Euphonium
  5. Euphonium Video - Endearing Young Charms, solo

    One our forum's frequent posters, Doug Ruby, has a video on YouTube showing his performance of Endearing Young Charms. I think you will enjoy his very characteristic performance on his antique 1932 Pan American Euphonium:

  6. Outstanding Example of Musical/Technical Brass Playing

    Sergei Nakariakov is an amazing young Russian trumpet/flugelhorn player. He has as much technique as any brass player I have heard, and his musicality is an excellent example to all of us. There is a nice video on YouTube of Sergei playing a Haydn cello concerto on flugel. Listen closely because it's hard to believe what he is able to do and sound so relaxed at the same time. There is a great CD available showing his gifts (from a much better microphone perspective), called No Limit. It is available ...
  7. Baritone Horn Solo - Video

    This is a video of a nice performance on an British-style baritone horn. The piece is Sun, by Bruce Fraser. Soloist is Katrina Marzella with Brassband David (Zwolle, Netherlands). For those who are still confused about the difference between euphonium and baritone, this video should make it clearer. The horn looks much different from a euphonium, and you will find the sound to be much less deep.

  8. Euphonium Duet - Endearing Young Charms, on video

    There is a new video on YouTube that features members of a Navy band (not THE Navy Band) performing my arrangement of Believe Me if all those Endearing Young Charms. The duet arrangement, with brass accompaniment, is listed on this page:

    Euphonium Solos with Band

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