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New Videos on this site or elsewhere.

  1. Video: Salvation Army Brass Band - Euphonium Solo

    YouTube has a fun video recording online of the Chatham Salvation Army Band (a British-style brass band). It features a euphonium soloist performing a solo I had not heard before, Traveling Along:

    Learn more about the band at their website:

    Chatham Salvation Army Band

  2. Two German Euphoniumists - Ten Bar Galopp

    Just found this on YouTube - great fun! The players are using oval instruments that sound different from a British baritone or a European euphonium. They call these barytons.

  3. Elision: Caught in the Middle

    In my previous house I saw starlings in my yard now and then. According to Wikipedia, these are "...small to medium-sized passerine birds in the family Sturnidae." At the time I didn't know what to call them, but I saw them all the time. Later I learned they were "starlings."

    The same is true with "Elision." This is (among other things) a musical term, and it refers to a note that is shared as the last note of one phrase and the first note of the next phrase. For a piece written ...
  4. Dealing with a Dry Mouth During Performances

    This is a reprint from an answer I posted on the Euphonium-Tuba Forum. I think it is a common-enough problem that I am also going to post it here.

    What you're experiencing is quite normal. Each person's body works differently, but when you get charged up about playing, which is at its peak before the performance, everything gets a little wacky. That energy is pent up, and then you go out to play and your body has to adjust. Suddenly you are taking in large quantities of air quickly, ...
  5. Free MP3 Downloads of Steve Sykes (Amazing Tuba Soloits)

    Steve Sykes is an amazing virtuoso tubist. He has great tone, wonderful technique, and a good sense of humor as he plays. He has a MySpace page with 4 full-length downloads of his incredible playing:

    Steve Sykes MySpace Page

    In listening to Czardas, I couldn't keep track of the number of octaves he covered - impressive!

    If you go to his website, you can learn more about him:

    Steve Sykes' Website
  6. Stuffy Response from Your Horn

    A couple of the previous posts have discussed common repairs/modifications that may sometimes be necessary to help a horn play as well as it should. There is another possibility if your horn seems to be in good shape but just has a stuffy response.

    Brass instruments are soldered together rather early in their gestation. After that the horn is polished, cleaned, perhaps power flushed and/or chemically cleaned. In some cases these processes may cause a small leak to develop, usually ...
  7. Speaking of Repairs/Adjustments: How About Valve Alignment?

    A previous post discussed re-working curved tubing to make it fit more "comfortably" as part of the whole horn. But with valved instruments, it is also important to make sure that the valve ports are perfectly aligned. When the valve is up or down, there are tunnels in the valve that should line up with the slides' entrance.

    Some horns are not made carefully enough and the alignment is not good. The will affect response and intonation.

    The most common problem ...
  8. Brass Instrument Relaxation

    This is not about helping the player relax, but rather helping the instrument relax. Some repair shops are now getting into the technique of taking a horn apart and re-fitting the parts so they fit in a more relaxed manner.

    Why is this necessary? The theory goes like this. When a horn is manufactured, tubes that were once straight are bent into the shape necessary to fit the shape of the horn. This can be done in various ways, taking more or less time to complete. If the tube ...
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