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  1. Free MP3 of Art Lehman - Endearing Young Charms

    In honor of the United States Marine Corps 223rd birthday, here is a free MP3 recording of Arthur Lehman performing Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms. The recording is from 1957. In case you are not familiar with the piece, it was first arranged for euphonium by Simone Mantia, euphonium soloist with the John Philip Sousa band. Mantia did the arrangement that features the best of the euphonium sound on the lyrical melody, a snappy first variation, a lovely fast-but-lyrical second variation, ...
  2. Nov. 11 - Veterans Day. Remembering Plane Crash, Navy Band

    On Veterans Day it seems appropriate to remember the 19 members of The United States Navy Band who lost their lives in a plane crash in 1961. At a memorial service in Christ Church, Rear Admiral H.P. Weatherwax (Chief, U.S. Naval Mission - Brazil) unveiled a stained glass window " the glory of God, and in memory of the men of the U.S. Navy who lost their lives in an air disaster in Rio de Janeiro in the year 1960."

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