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  1. Sterling Artist Micheal Howley Wins Title of Best Euphonium

    Michael Howley, the famous euphonium soloist of the Brighouse and Rastrick Band of Yorkshire, England, won the honor (honour?) of Best Euphonium at the 2008 Brass in Concert Championship. Micheal is a Sterling Artist and plays a lacquered Sterling Virtuoso euphonium. Michael was the winner of the European music en Picarde solo competition and was awarded the title of European Euphonium Player of the Year 2003.
  2. Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

    Somehow during my growing up I came to think that we have had a national Thanksgiving holiday ever since the Pilgrims' meal in 1621, where they were joined by Indian chiefs Massassoit, Squanto and Samoset. However, that was not an official, annual event. It would be more than 200 years before that happened. But President Washington declared a "A Day of Publick Thanksgiving and Prayer" on Thursday, November 26, 1789. According to the decree, the day was "to be observed by acknowledging with grateful ...
  3. David Childs Interview - Audio

    Euphonium star David Childs recently won the solist award at the Best in Brass event in the U.K. He is a great player and musician and has enjoyed wonderful success in his career. He shares his thoughts on the interview with the British website 4 Bars Rest:

    David Childs Interview
  4. Amazing Baritone Video!

    This video features Gilles Rocha, of Brass Band 13 Etoiles, Concordia Vétroz, performing Eastern Dances (Bertrand Moren).

    You ain't never heard baritone playin' like this!!

    See more on the page below:

    Euphonium and Baritone Horn Videos

  5. Great New Euphonium Videos

    In case you have not visited the Euphonium Music Videos Page lately, you should see what's new. There is a new video of Senior Aircraftman Mathew HIll playing Vallflickans Dans. His technique and musicianship are wonderful. (The same piece can be heard on Adam Frey's new CD of euphonium and orchestra, Taking Flight)

    There is also a video of Sheona White playing Apès un Rêve, which I added because it is great music for a euphonium player to know (even though here it is played ...
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