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    What about using the "Josef Meinlschmidt (JM) Lubricants" Bearing & Linkage oil (3.5)? Comes with needle to help with application...and seems to actually be made for such a use case ("linkage").
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    Was about to ask the question regarding lubrication. The trigger on my new (to me) Virtuoso is making quite a racket!

    Just regular valve oil, huh? Will give it a try!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasonium
    Any updates? Do you still use it?
    You bet! I use it every day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasonium
    Any updates? Do you still use it?
    I own two of these and have used them quite a bit…not only at home (and at the office), but also during concerts if there is any sort of break in our performance.

    Highly recommend!!
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    Any updates? Do you still use it?
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    I have purchased three sets. One for the Adams E3 and one each for a John Packer 274 and 374.
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    Following-on from the worldwide success that Chris Waters’ company “Heavy Bottom Caps” (a Division of Ray Farr Flugels) has had with the Tom Hutchinson Adjustable Bottom Caps (ABCs) for Sopranos, Cornets, Trumpets, Flugel Horns and Tenor Horns, the international Euphonium virtuoso Glenn Van Looy has also enthusiastically endorsed the Euphonium and Baritone ABCs and like Tom, uses one on his instrument.
    Glenn said “The ABC just works. From the moment I put it on my instrument I felt the difference. All the notes are so centred and it gives a very full dark sound”.

    From Professional Players to Students and Young People to Senior Citizens Customers consistently tell say that using an ABC on the 4th Valve of a Euphonium or Baritone or the 3rd Valve on a three valve instrument always has a positive effect in Centring and Securing the Notes

    All details about how an ABC works are on the website

    The science is interesting, but actually Trying an ABC is the Real Proof and that's where ABC’s 1 Month Approval facility Worldwide with a full refund policy really helps. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    All ABCs are made in the UK at Heavy Bottom Caps’ manufacturing facility in Aldershot, Hampshire.
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    Excellent. Great suggestions followed up by great explanation, as always!

    Thanks Dave.
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    I ordered one of these for my newly-ordered Adams E3 (recommended to me in a personal email from another member here). Figured it was cheap enough that I wouldn't worry about waiting for my horn so I could take advantage of the 30-day warranty. HOWEVER, to my surprise, the ABC rep told me that I could start the "timer" on my 30-day trial after my Adams horn arrives!

    Now that's above and beyond customer service!
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    A recent ABC delivery!! . . . . . . . .
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    All ABCs are in-stock and ready for shipping; same day order/shipping service. Why not take advantage of the advantage Exchange Rate!! * ADAMS * BESSON * BOOSEY & HAWKES * BOOSEY & Co * EASTMAN * GENEVA * HIRSBRUNNER * JOHN PACKER “JP” * JOHN PACKER "JP STERLING" * MACK * MIRAPHONE * THOMANN * S E SHIRES & Co * STERLING VIRTUOSO * WESSEX * WILLSON * YAMAHA * YORK * We now have ABCs available for Baritones by Besson, JP Sterling, Sterling and Yamaha
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    Finally took the time to review your methodology. Excellent.

    One thing I've wondered is...have you ever considered having someone else come along side you and do the same testing? While it is highly likely, as you mention, that they would be different, but probably follow the same would be fascinating to see (and, perhaps, would be a big validation of your methodology). Just food for thought!
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    Congrats, Randy!
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    So I got ahold of my local shop (Horn Guys in Pasadena) and he got me a list of the different Adams horns they had at the factory that were ready for sale. I had originally intended to just put in a custom order BUT Adams had the EXACT horn I was going to order! It’s an E2 with Gold Brass, antique finish with engraving, and polished accents (this is my favorite part). So it is already on its way and I am scheduled to pick it up on Tuesday! Thanks for giving your opinion of the horns. I will post my thoughts after I have played it.
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    bayoung36: I didn't mention this (directly), but it is generally assumed that a Willson player would like the E2. Its characteristics have the same advantages as a Willson (to me, anyway), but (to me anyway) has a more flexible sound and a little better response and intonation. I hope you can try one, and if you do please let me know if I'm on track!
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    One of the big reason I decided to switch from Yamaha to Adams was the tuning! Yamaha has a lot of partials that are super sharp, however on the Adams E1 I now have, they’re nearly perfect. Also the weight is much easier for me to maintain while playing long recitals. As my old 642S would leave me physically exhausted due to the hefty weight. They are extremely well made horns, and I cannot think of any true negatives about Adams craftsmanship.

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    Thank you for this timely post as I am trying my hardest to play each of the models myself! I believe I would be happy with any of the models but I do really love the valve block and design of the E2. I’m having more of a hard time figuring out if I want to go with a custom with special finishes or if I should just go for the select and call it a day.

    I’ve listened to you, and a couple others, play the different models and there isn’t much of a difference (via YouTube) in the sound. I used to play a Willson 2900 but I want to get an Adams now. I was sold after I bought one of their Flugelhorns, which is just an amazing horn.

    I attended NAMM last weekend in hopes that Adams would be there but they weren’t. I have a local-ish shop that has an E3 and I’m going to try and play it to see how it feels. Thank you again for posting your thoughts!
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    Thanks for your order Douglas!
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    Mine is on order!
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    Thanks for the article! Yeah, I've been subdividing beats to better understand how more complex rhythms work. It really helps to understand some of nuances and exactly what it should sound like. Problem is, this VERY slow, and by the time I "get it", we're well past those measures. This works better in concert and community band settings where we have many, many rehearsals (along with individual practice time), but doing groups like big band express where music is read on the fly, it's left me in the dust.

    Nothing else but to get more sight reading practice in! I've actually written a couple of pieces into MuseScore (it's free to download, and mostly intuitive to use, save for a few things you'll want to look up how to do) and played them there (if not going to YouTube for more popular parts), which gives you a definitive answer of how things are supposed to sound. However, I'll recommend that you first do your due diligence in sight reading on your own first. Else, you're just relying on tools rather than developing your own skills there.

    Also, your link yields a "You have arrived here because the page that you are looking for no longer exists." page, although we're still on the Woodbrass/Brasswind site. There seems to be a section for sight reading, but no mention of any article
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