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Performance Tips

  1. Use of the 3rd Valve

    Most brass players learn to use the fingering 1-2, but in many cases the 3rd valve alone will work. Usually 3 is slightly lower in pitch. If you are sharp on a 1-2 note, try using 3 instead. It may take some getting used to because there is a little less resistance with 3 compared to 1-2. It may also be useful to handle awkward fingerings with 1-2. Experiment and see how it works. It should certainly be part of your "comfortable" technique collection.
  2. Fighting Dry Mouth

    This is a serious problem for a performer, and is caused by the various ways that nervousness affects your body.

    I will post 2 messages that appeared on the old TUBA Discussion mailing list. However, first I would also suggest the obvious: that you must drink a lot of water before the performance. I usually prepare 1/2 to 1 hour ahead of performance time by taking sips of water every few minutes. You need to build up a supply that your body can call on when you need it.


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