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    Very nice. I am familiar with the Paganini violin original on which the Capriccio is based, as it's one of the compulsory pieces played in the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis. I was unfamiliar with this version, but you make it sound like it was original for euphonium. Thanks.
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    You can see the horn in action here:

  4. Pat's Avatar
    Great looking horn. I look forward to your upcoming video, putting it through its paces.
  5. RickF's Avatar
    Wow! Congrats on your new Adams, it looks great! I like the changes or improvements you had done. Amado water keys all-around makes sense. The knob to pull the 2nd slide out is a smart idea since pulling on the Amado water key wouldn't be very wise. The vented valves is a good addition so there should be less popping noise heard during soft-slurred passages. I really like this feature on my Miraphone 5050 (suggested by Demondrae Thurman).

    Thanks for the excellent review with great pics.
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    I finally found time to hear this piece. Very musical. I would be nice to hear more using this yodel technique.
  7. Malamute's Avatar
    I have a hawkes & son euphonium date around 1930. it has a kosicup mouthpiece with it which is a bit tatty. does anyone know what size shank I should be looking for please?
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    Very interesting, particularly the use of your hand in the small bell. Guess this answers my question about when you'd ever consider using a double bell horn! Thanks for sharing!
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    Beautiful! Well done Dave!
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    Thanks, guys! The piano part was taken from Mussorgsky's original (before Ravel orchestrated it) so it's pretty authentic, and it's a very powerful part.
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    I really like that arrangement. Really sounds great! I've played this solo part unaccompanied many times, but it would be nice to have a piano accomp too. I just ordered it today. Thanks. RickF
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    Very, very nice! Confident, relaxed, always secure and never forced, can imagine the ox lumbering along with his cart. The arrangement is the next best thing to an orchestra allowing more to either enjoy, master or both this piece.
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    Thanks, Rick! I use air vibrato myself (as mentioned), but much less often. I find it works nicely in combination to give more bite to a lip vibrato in some styles, and I use it by itself sometimes on notes where I can't risk varying the pitch (such as when I'm barely hanging on to a soft note as I diminuendo further but want a little vibrato).

    Related to musicality, but a little off topic: I love the entire Heifetz performance. He has another example of a favorite effect at 17:20-ish. He is ascending on a line, and creates a rit. and hesitation at the top, before gracefully coming down. I call it the roller-coaster effect. It's like when you have climbed up an incline, slowing toward the top, and then after not quite stopping, the car starts to accelerate again on the decline. It is that same hesitation at the top that Heifetz creates musically:
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  14. RickF's Avatar
    Excellent blog post on vibratos! I really liked your example videos too.

    My teacher/mentor was Fred Dart and he always used the air or diaphragm vibrato. He tried getting me to do that but I never could make it work. His theory was that instead of varying the pitch center as lip or jaw vibrato does, he was varying the dynamic (loud - soft) to get a similar affect.

  15. davewerden's Avatar
    Thanks for the comments, John! Making a video myself is somewhere on my list, but there is a lot of other stuff in front of it. I do still think it's very beneficial to listen to performers outside the euphonium realm.
  16. John Lebens's Avatar
    You realize of course that a VIDEO of this or any other Euphonium technique from the Master himself would be worth more then a thousand words.
    With that said, I did find your treatise on the vibrato very helpful. Thank you.
  17. davewerden's Avatar
    Big Mouth Brass sent the following to state why they think the intonation/response may not have been representative on the horn I tried.

    I noticed when I got home and was cleaning my horns that the Euph had three bags of silicone packing gel in it. I don't know how that may have affected the tuning but I put it on a tuner and did not find the discrepancy you did but unfortunately I did not test with the bags in so couldn't compare.
  18. Valerie's Avatar
    These soldiers excel musically and at close order drill, too. It's an attention-getter for sure!
  19. enhite's Avatar
    Hey, anything that gets euphonium players out of the back row! I saw the US Army Field Band recently and they were very good (as usual). Though I hoped for a soloist from the low brass section, they featured a bass clarinet trio in the concert I saw. Nevertheless, still a treat.
  20. James Patrick's Avatar
    Thanks for the help with this piece and your teaching expertise.
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