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  1. 4 CD's of Arthur Lehman Euphonium Solos

    There are now 4 CD's available displaying the talent of euphonium soloist Arthur Lehman, formerly the euphonium soloist with The United States Marine Band. The material on the first 2 CD's includes digital versions of the titles from the 2-LP series The ART of the Euphonium. There are also some solos he did after retirement with the National Concert Band of America. CD's three and four have solos with band that did nor make it to the ART of the Euphonium LP's because of time limitations, and also ...
  2. New Page of Euphonium CD's

    I have tried to assemble onto one page a listing of all the easily-obtainable CD's that my site lists. You should find euphonium CD's by many famous artists, and almost all can be purchased online through various sources.
  3. New Link: Translation Errors

    Humorous errors found when various languages are translated into English. Visit our links page at
  4. Opinions about Euphonium Brands

  5. One-Size-Fits-All Tuba Recommendation

    I recently asked a number of top professional tubists in the U.S. for some advice on behalf of a student. The student wants an E-flat tuba that is large enough to use in an orchestral setting but small enough to use for solos, jazz, and chamber ensembles. I got some great advice, and it boiled down to two "best" choices: the Willson E-flat and the Besson E-flat. The Willson got a couple more votes, but both horns were highly regarded.
  6. New CD by Jon Sass

    JON SASS - Sassified

    Jon's playing on this CD has gotten rave reviews from world-famous artists. His unique style is very refreshing - he is one of a kind! Click the link that follows to go to Jon's web site (which will open in a new window):
  7. Polishing the Other Pieces

    In addition to polishing the visible parts of you horn, you should pay attention to the parts you can't see. The tuning slides should be polished from time to time...

    The rest of this message is found in our forum
  8. New Jazz Euphonium CD by Tom Ball

    Denver (Colorado) euphoniumist Tom Ball has created a new CD of jazz. Very fine playing, and in a style different from the way you usually hear a euphonium. Learn more and hear sound clips by clicking the link that follows (which will open in a new brower window):
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