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  1. The Galen Hall March by Monroe Althouse - Free MP3

    Pennsylvania-born composer Monroe Althouse (1853-1924) played violin, cornet and trombone, and was a friend of John Philip Sousa. Althouse composed about 150 marches in his lifetime.

    In the 1970's many bands from around the world, including all the major U.S. military bands, participated in a project to record marches that had become less-well-remembered over the years. The series was funded by euphonium hobbyist Robert Hoe and was called "Heritage of the March."

    The United States Coast Guard Band ...
  2. Free Recordings of Adam Frey - Performance and Interview

    I have written about this before, but it is time for a reminder. There is a great website called Brasscast that offers a podcast every week featuring brass bands (or sometimes individual players or composers) from around the world. I am always surprised by the number and variety of bands they feature, from world-famous bands such as Black Dyke Mills to bands I haven't heard of before but am glad to learn about. But they all have something to offer!

    Their most recent podcast, from ...
  3. American Wheelmen Galop by Thomas Preston Brooke

    Here is another march from the "Heritage of the March" recording series. The series was done in the 1970's by Robert Hoe, and many of the LP's produced were recorded by military bands. Hoe's idea was to preserve music that was all but forgotten, yet should have a place in the history of band music.

    Today's offering is by American composer Thomas Preston Brooke. He was a composer of the ragtime era (and one note I found says he was an inventor as well). The march is American Wheelmen ...
  4. March: Pitos Y Palmas, by Francisco Alonso

    In the 1970's Robert Hoe funded and helped produce a large series of recordings of marches, many of which had been undeservedly forgotten. The series was called "Heritage of the March" and was distributed to libraries across the country when complete.

    The following is from the Spanish composer Francisco Alonso. The flavor is different from a typical march, but it is very enjoyable. The performance is by The United States Coast Guard Band.

    Pitos Y Palmas, march ...
  5. Not Your Average March - N.Y. Light Guards Quickstep

    Here is a nice little march from the 19th century. It is the New York Light Guards Quickstep. You'll notice is set at a slower tempo than we play most marches today, which can be a surprise because of the word "Quickstep" in the title. My understanding is that the slower tempo heard here is typical of what was done during the era of this march (1839).

    The performance is by The United States Coast Guard Band, conducted by Commander Kenneth Megan, from the album "Gardens of Stone." ...

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  6. Free MP3 - Victory at Sea, U.S. Coast Guard Band

    On June 4, 1942, the Allied forces won a decisive victory in the battle of Midway. Our badly-outnumbered fleet succeeded in what has been called the most important military action of the 20th century.

    Here is a recording of The United States Coast Guard Band performing Richard Rodgers classic "Victory at Sea." The piece was written for a multi-part TV series remembering our Navy's efforts in World War II.

    Victory at Sea, USCG Band

    Learn more about the battle ...

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  7. Free MP3: National Emblem March, U.S. Marine Band

    With Memorial Day coming up it seems appropriate to get some good march music playing! This free download is of "The President's Own" United States Marine Band from Washington, D.C., playing National Emblem by E. E. Bagley. It's a great march and features a snippet of the National Anthem. You can also hear its memorable theme in the second strain, which is often sung with the lyrics, "Oh the monkey wrapped his tail around the flag pole."

    National Emblem March by Bagley, U.S. Marine ...
  8. U.S. Army Band - Russian Sailors Dance, Free MP3

    Here is a recording of The United States Army Band (Pershing's Own) performing the Russian Sailors' Dance by Reinhold Gliere. It is from Gliere's "The Red Poppy."

    This piece was used as part of the preliminary round of The U.S. Navy Band's recent euphonium audition. Perhaps it will be part of the next Navy audition, coming up in June.

    Russian Sailors Dance by Gliere, MP3 Download Widgets
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