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  1. Bydlo from Pictures at an Exhibition - Video and Sheet Music

    On a recent recital at the University of Iowa I performed Bydlo, from Pictures at an Exhibition. In the orchestral version (orchestrated by Ravel) this solo part is played on either tuba or euphonium. It was probably first played on a high-C French tuba (a step above the Bb euphonium), so among common instruments today the euphonium is a very logical choice to play it.

    Much as I did with my arrangement of the March from Holst's Second Suite, I have arranged Bydlo for euphonium and piano ...
  2. Video: Very Unique Euphonium Feature on Melody Shop

    This is from a live concert by the U. S. Army Field Band. It is an example of what a little imagination can do with a march that is already impressive, and then becomes a genuine crowd pleaser! Video features Sergeant First Class Christopher Sarangoulis and Staff Sergeant Lauren Veronie on euphoniums.

    This is undoubtedly very difficult to do, either live or in practice, but they did it! What I like about this is that the march is first (apparently) played all the way through normally, ...
  3. Minnesota All-State Audition - Example and Tips - Video

    I've been asked to do a new project this year. Brian C. Wilson of is working to obtain recorded examples of the all-state audition pieces for all 50 U.S. states. I am doing the example for Minnesota.

    In this state a composer writes a special etude each year, which is one way to make sure there is an even playing field (i.e. the chosen piece is not one that anyone happened to have played in a lesson last year or something). Composer Timothy Mahr includes quite a lot ...
  4. Video: Bill from Showboat - Broadway Music on Euphonium

    Here is my newest video. It's my second song from Showboat (the first was "Old Man River") and it's simply titled "Bill." It's a pretty love song that I liked the first time I heard it. In this case I'm playing it pretty straight - no ornamentation to speak of.

    The sheet music is available for download here:*l-sheet-music/19405979?aff_id=15680

  5. On Wings of Song - Euphonium Video

    This is my newest video: On Wings of Song ("Auf Flugeln des Gesanges") by Felix Mendelssohn, arranged by me. I did the arrangement years ago but I never got around to programming it anywhere that was recording the event... until now.

    It's a great song that I have always liked in its original form, and it seems like a natural for euphonium. It's fun to play and does not require any advanced technique. Thus it is a great learning tool for musical interpretation. You can easily find recordings ...
  6. Video: Bless This House - Euphonium Duet

    Here is my newest video. Tim Morris and I are playing a duet, my arrangement of "Bless This House." This is from a rehearsal for a church service where the piece became the offertory. Tim is playing the first part, although I wrote the duet so both players have a chance for some of the melody. The recording is a little hampered by the bell angles; Tim is pointing much more toward the mic and I am pointing about 90 degrees from the mic, but the effect is still mostly there. See what you think! ...
  7. Video: Holy Holy Holy, arr. by Philip Sparke - Dave Werden, Euphonium

    Here is a video of a special arrangement of John Dykes' famous hymn "Holy Holy Holy" that we did for church on Sept. 14. This is from Philip Sparke's wonderful book of hymns set in special arrangements. This one is at the end of the book and is the hardest, but it is still not beyond most decent players. Range only goes up to a concert G and no multiple tonguing is required (although it can be used to "spark" thinks up a bit). There are two publications:

    Solo part and accompaniment ...
  8. Pearl Fishers Duet - Dave Werden and Tim Morris, Euphoniums

    Dave Werden and Tim Morris, euphoniums, and Sara Brunk, piano, performing Bizet's lovely "Pearl Fishers" duet ("Deep Inside the Sacred Temple"), arranged by Brian Gallion. The arrangement is available here:

    Tim and I are both playing Adams Custom euphonium, each one made of yellow and gold brass, with a sterling silver bell. The instruments are hand-made in Holland. Learn more here:
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