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  1. Advice on Practicing Rhythm

    I have posted a new topic on the Forum about practicing rhythm. Many people seem to fear practicing rhythm too much because they might become a "mechanical" player. However, without good rhythm you will not enhance an ensemble or be able to make the most of music. Read more here:

    Forum post on developing better rhythm
  2. How Do I Improve My Sight-Reading?

    If you are a euphonium player, the first thing I would do is get the Euphonium Excerpt Book from Cimarron Music (you can find a description on the main part of, with a link to the publisher). Learn every one in it. This gives you a musical and technical foundation on typical music for euphonium. There may be comparible compilcations for tuba, but they are probably "private&quots books that you can get from a teacher if you ask around.

    But that's not nearly ...
  3. Slow Valves?

    A complaint that crops up now and then is "my valves are too slow!" If you are playing a brand new horn, that's not unusual. It takes a while for the valves to get broken in fully. You may also try different oils to find a brand/weight that works better. In my experience, the synthetic oils feel smoother as you play, but they are a little slower during fast passages. Petroleum-based oils (traditional valve oils) are often faster but they don't last as long between applications as the new synthetics. ...
  4. New Audition Rep. Posted, Air National Guard

    The Air National Guard Band of the Northeast has standard requirements for auditions for both tuba and euphonium. I have posted them in the TubaEuph forum:

    Forum Home Page

    Look under Tuba Auditions or Euphonium Auditions.
  5. Tuba/Classroom Instructor Position: Wright State University

    The Wright State University Department of Music is searching for a full-time non-tenure track instructor in a one-year appointment (with possibility of renewal) to teach applied music in oboe, bassoon, french horn, or tuba, as well as other classes in the music major curriculum and general education. Exact class assignments will be determined by departmental need and the candidates experience and expertise. Required: Masters degree in Music and record of musical performance success. Preferred: ...
  6. Euphonium Duet Video Link

    There is a great video posted on YouTube that features The Salvation Army Southern California Band and a euphonium duet (TimePiece). There is also a trombone solo of Blue Bells of Scotland:

    Click here...
  7. The House of LowAire Music Camps

    Paul Budde, manager of Tubonium Conferences, has just created the House of LowAire Music Camps. The summer camps are designed to provide a comprehensive approach to breathing while also building a daily practice routine. In addition to group work and ensemble playing, attendees will have the opportunity to perform in a master class setting.

    Click here to learn more...
  8. Euphonium Vacancy in The U.S. Coast Guard Band

    The United States Coast Guard Band has an opportunity for an excellent euphonium player. This is one of the 5 Premier military bands and is a chance for some marvelous playing opportunities. This is the only one of the Premier bands that is not in Washington, D.C. - the C.G. Band is located in New London, Connecticut.

    Learn more here...
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