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  1. Snorlax's Avatar
    I count this CD among my favorites! Interesting and diverse compositions played expressively. Highly recommended!!
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    As someone that was considering buying the anvil, I’m interested.
  3. John Morgan's Avatar
    Nice review, Dave!! I was at ITEC and also saw this case and talked with the folks from Wiseman quite a bit about it. I found it to be very promising, so I put my name down on the sign up list. This allows me to get the ITEC show price for a year. And I can wait a few months before actually ordering (or deciding for sure if I really want it).

    I don't like that you can't set it on its hinged side either. That would probably only bother me at home. When I take it to play, I would simply lay it on its back to open and leave it that way until I put it away. It might be nice to have a little "rack" so that you could put the case in it with the hinged side down. That way you would not have to stand it on either of its ends.
  4. RickF's Avatar
    Great article with excellent pictures!

    Loved the video with Walter Matthau. Pretty sure that's a '67 Ferrari 275 4-cam like Steve McQueen owned. Pretty sure they run better than that.
  5. davewerden's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ChristianeSparkle
    Question about how to put the horn down. So I've been storing the horn in my gig bag most of the time and the 4th valve is always facing the bottom. I've noticed gunk some times moving to the top of the 4th valve because of that. Are there any better ways of putting down the horn that would prevent that?
    If you look at this post about my Hercules stand, you see if offers different options. My preferred choice these days is the one where the mouthpiece is on the right, pointing down.

    Otherwise, when I used I gig bag for storage I would do just what you are doing.
  6. ChristianeSparkle's Avatar
    Question about how to put the horn down. So I've been storing the horn in my gig bag most of the time and the 4th valve is always facing the bottom. I've noticed gunk some times moving to the top of the 4th valve because of that. Are there any better ways of putting down the horn that would prevent that?
  7. John Morgan's Avatar
    Very good article. The part at the end about springs, valve bounce and technique is very important. I have absolutely noticed a big difference in playing technical passages with horns that have the right spring strength (on the stiffer side more so than the lighter/softer side). It is much cleaner with the stiffer spring, because they come back up faster, don't bounce (or as much), and you can just plain go faster and cleaner. And you can definitely stall out with soft springs. VERY IMPORTANT to get the springs right. Even if it is a little harder to press down, practice and build up the finger strength. It will be worth it.

    Plastic valve guides getting out of the correct size (compressed, bent, worn badly, etc.) is a great way to get lousy valve action. Usually a simple visual inspection can detect problems. Another useful tool for cleaning up a plastic valve guide is a fingernail file. The ones that are not metal, but throwaway kinds, are best for me. There are two sides, one rougher, one side smoother. They are great for really smoothing the valve guide, but be careful not to round the corners of the guide (although that might not hurt much if you accidently did round a corner a bit, just try not to). The file can get the edges smoother for me much easier than a razor blade or knife.
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    These books look great, i can only read in treble clef which restricts me a little from learning from good euphonium manuals like these which teaches the 4 valve system and breathing etc. Any titles in treble clef for only euphonium greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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    I laughed a little more than I should've at the "Our Euph from Dixie" title. Thank you Mr.Werden, you are really an amazing musician, not only in a professional sense but personality-wise too.
  10. John Morgan's Avatar

    I am planning to do some recording with my horn and piano in a church setting similar to what your venue appears like. I have some gear, namely a couple of Audio-Technica Pro 37R mics, and a Fostec Digital Recorder. I don't think I am going to use the Fostec. But I am going to add video, so I think I will purchase a Canon Camcorder "like" the one you mention above. You mention the setup with the Canon and the AT Stereo Mic plugged directly into the Canon. I think this is what I am going to do. I see the AT Stereo Mic comes with a short cable. I am guessing that you use another longer cable from the mic to the short cable and to the camera, correct? Because I assume the camera is back 10-15 from you and Sara and that short cord would not cover the distance by itself. Where do you position the AT Stereo mic if you are using it just with the camcorder? Is the mic above you and Sara and facing down on a boom?

    Do you know anything about the AT Pro 37R (and Pro 37) mics? Do you think two of them would be roughly equivalent to the AT Stereo mic? The cable with the Stereo mic - does that actually pass stereo inputs to the camcorder? I wonder how I would get two separate mics to send their input to the camcorder so I could get stereo sound.

    I don't expect you to do any research on any of this, just if you happen to know some simple answers, that would be great.

    BTW, I never did hear from the orchestra director about Morceau. Guess he has better things to do. But thanks for trying.

    You would be surprised at why I am doing the recordings.

    Thanks, Dave.

    p.s. You going to ITEC? I think Linda and I are.
  11. davewerden's Avatar
    If I recall correctly they are all bass clef.
  12. Harry Hilgers's Avatar
    Are these books in bass or treble or in both clefs?
  13. Blockhd's Avatar
    Wow, love this! I wondered so much about how this is done... Especially since i wanted to convert some 3 valve american style baritones into 4 valve.... Thanks Dave!
  14. Davidus1's Avatar
    Thanks Dave. Great information!
  15. euphmag's Avatar
    Many thanks.

    The CD is now available to download:
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    For years, I thought a euphonium part written in T.C. had the same notes as if it were written on a T.C piano part and I could just use the E-G-B-D-F / F-A-C-E trick. Never understood why the different key. When picking up a piece of music in T.C. (for any instrument) and trying to play it on euphonium, how can you tell if it's representing concert pitch or the T.C. part say for a piano (or is that just unique to piano?)
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    Thanks to both of you for your reviews. I may pick up this CD myself!
  18. Davidus1's Avatar
    Great video! Thanks for sharing.
  19. Davidus1's Avatar
    Thanks for posting this. I've heard those same things about silver being "brighter". Nice to know this.
  20. Davidus1's Avatar
    That's a great comparison! Thanks for posting this.
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