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  1. Lyrics that Include "Euphonium" - Floral Dance

    I first became familiar with the song "Floral Dance" from the movie "Brassed Off" and a few brass band recordings. It's an unusual and catchy tune with a compelling rhythm. I did not realize until recently that the lyrics for the vocal version include a mention of the euphonium, which makes this one of only a few songs that do.

    Here is the vocal version:

    Here is an instrumental by the great Brighouse & Rastrick brass ...
  2. Euphonium Video - Adrian Horwood: Traveling Along

    I added a new video to the Euphonium Music Videos collection. This one features Adrian Horwood with the Chatham U.K. (brass) Band and Songsters in festival at Fulston Manor School. Recorded the 7th of February, 2009. This and 139 other euphonium videos are here:

    Euphonium Videos

    Updated 05-16-2019 at 07:39 AM by davewerden

    Euphonium-Tuba Blog , Videos
  3. Embouchure Development - New Videos

    There are 3 new videos on the Trombone Videos page. The notes for the videos are:

    1) This film by Lloyd Leno shows trombone embouchures filmed using a transparent mouthpiece and high speed filming. Additional comments by Leno from a screening of this film are dubbed in. In part 1 of 3 Leno introduces his film, shows the downstream embouchure. James Fulkerson, George Roberts, Stewart Dempster, and Bill Watrous are shown.

    2) In part 2 of 3 Leno discusses the ...
  4. Mozart Duet for Tubas (Baadsvik & Zilincik) - Video

    Here is a new video of Tony Zilincik and Oystein Baadsvik performing my arrangement of the Mozart Sonata KV 292 as a duet for two tubas. The tuba duet version music can be found on the tuba sheet music page. It is also available for euphonium and tuba (found on the same page) and for two euphoniums on the euphonium sheet music page.

    View the video below or see it on the tuba video page.

  5. New Video: Trevor Groom, Euphonium Solo - Home on the Range

    There is a brand-new video on the Euphonium Videos page. This one is from 1972 (actually, it is audio and a still photo) and features the great Trevor Groom performing Home on the Range. The solo was arranged by Erik Leidzen for euphonium and brass band. Nice performance!

    As you listen, keep in mind that this was "old technology." He used an old-style Besson, no trigger, no gold plating or anything!

    Home on the Range, Euphonium Solo
  6. New Tuba and Euphonium Videos

    I have added many new videos recently to both the euphonium and the tuba video players on my site.

    Below is a little pick-up group, including David Childs. This any many other new videos (including 7 by Steven Mead and 3 by Trevor Groom, who performs the Horovitz Concerto written for him), all available on the Euphonium Videos Page:

    Here is one of the new videos from the Tuba Video Collection. It features some find playing by Steve Sykes: ...
  7. Heredity and Embouchures

    Brass players often ponder embouchures because the way our chops do their work is so critical to the results we get out of the horn. When I was as undergrad the trend was to try to get all players to fit a specific model - slight "frown" at the corners, mouthpiece pointed downward somewhat. I had to negotiate a bit with my instructor because my teeth do not have the more common overbite, but rather have a more-or-less even bite (the top teeth are roughly even with the bottom teeth). It was impossible ...
  8. Happy New Year: David Thornton, Auld Lang Syne

    To say Happy New Year, here is a YouTube video featuring the excellent euphonium playing of David Thornton. He does the theme and variations version of Auld Lang Syne. This is a slide show with sound, not a live video. Enjoy!

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