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  1. The Passing of Donald Stauffer

    Legendary former U.S. Navy Band director Donald Stauffer has passed away at the age of 92. He was a tuba player who became director in 1969. Here is his obituary:

    Obituary of Donald Stauffer, U.S. Navy Band Director, Retired.
  2. Methodology for Evaluating Intonation

    I have been testing intonation for euphonium manufacturers since around 1980, and it soon became clear to me that there are many possible ways to get inaccurate results. Is the horn warmed up fully? Am I playing the horn's Ab or I am playing the way I always play an Ab on a different horn? Am I unconsciously bending the pitch to make it look better than the horn really plays because I favor the horn? Etc.

    Whenever I ran these tests I wanted the results to represent what the horn actually ...

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  3. Players Endorsing Instruments

    In my conversations with brass players over several decades I have gotten the impression they believe the fact that professional players are endorsing particular brands makes their recommendations and opinions biased. In fact, that is somewhat true. But it's also true that amateur, non-endorsing players may also be biased. We all take care to choose the horn we're going to play, but naturally we have different reasons for our choice(s). It is complicated by the fact that playing a particular brand ...
  4. The Euphonium In Non-Classical Music

    (This article is not meant to discuss the use of euphonium in jazz, but that may be a topic for a future post.)

    One has to look hard to find them, but there actually are examples of a euphonium being heard or mentioned in popular music. I began to notice when I was in high school. First, I knew some of the songs from the musical "The Music Man," including the song "76 Trombones," which mentions euphoniums. And then there was a pop song called "What the World Needs Now (Is Love), ...
  5. New Model of a Great Cleaning Device: QHR Sudser

    About a year ago I reviewed an exciting new instrument cleaning device, the Quick Horn Rinse. It is the invention of Bill Ricker. In my testing it proved a quick and convenient way to clean out your horn.

    Now Mr. Ricker has improved on the original with the Quick Horn Rinse Sudser. As the name implies, this QHR model has a built-in soap dispenser to help you control the flow of soap through the bore.

    Before I write about this new model, let me say that its ...
  6. IEI 2011 Is Coming Up - Don't Miss It

    There is a great opportunity coming up in about a month: the 2011 International Euphonium Institute. If you don't already know about this event, it happens each year in Atlanta, Georgia, and is the creation of American euphonium artist Adam Frey. In Adam's materials he says, "Participants will be immersed in recitals, chamber music, concerts, focus classes, and master classes. Participants will also have private instruction during the week and choose to perform in master classes as well as being ...
  7. Silver Plating vs. Lacquer Finish

    It's a question that comes up very often: "What's the difference between a horn that is silver plated compared to one that is lacquered?" Much of the answer to this question is solidly in the realm of opinion, but here is my particular opinion.


    First, it is important to know that most instruments in the brass family are actually made of brass. There are exceptions, but they are relatively few in number; some makers offer a bell made of sterling silver; there are ...
  8. New Sousa Arrangement for Solo Euphonium

    Most of us know John Philip Sousa as America's March King, and rightly so! But Sousa also wrote many other works. When I was in the Coast Guard Band we would occasionally perform one of his suites. There were typically enjoyable and sometimes had themes that were familiar from his marches.

    I recently discovered a reverie that Sousa wrote called Nymphalin. It has a pretty melody, and it struck me that it would work well in a recital or perhaps in a worship service. I arranged ...
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