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  1. Euphonium Fun in Germany

    Here is a new video in my Euphonium Video Collection. It is a German polka-style band, and this tune features a euphonium. The player is using an American-style euphonium with a forward-facing bell. The style is a bit more aggressive than we are used to in the U.S. but it is a lot of fun to hear.

    View the entire collection at the link above, or see this one video below:

  2. YouTube Video: Sleigh Ride, USCG Band

    Below is a YouTube video of The United States Coast Guard Band playing Leroy Anderson's Sleigh Ride. The session was from around 1979. We are "lip sync'ing" to a tape of ourselves in this one so the cameras could get where they needed without worrying about microphones. If you watch closely, you will see that in a close-up of a trumpet player, his 3rd valve sticks down. After that he just kept his 3rd finger down, too, so it looked more normal, but he didn't get a lot more camera shots.
  3. Dave Werden Video - Facilita

    I have just added a new video to my YouTube collection. This one features my solo performance of John Hartmann's Facilita, done at a concert in Maryland during a tour with The U.S. Coast Band.

    You can see all my YouTube videos here:

    YouTube: Dave Werden
  4. Amazing Baritone Video!

    This video features Gilles Rocha, of Brass Band 13 Etoiles, Concordia Vétroz, performing Eastern Dances (Bertrand Moren).

    You ain't never heard baritone playin' like this!!

    See more on the page below:

    Euphonium and Baritone Horn Videos

  5. Great New Euphonium Videos

    In case you have not visited the Euphonium Music Videos Page lately, you should see what's new. There is a new video of Senior Aircraftman Mathew HIll playing Vallflickans Dans. His technique and musicianship are wonderful. (The same piece can be heard on Adam Frey's new CD of euphonium and orchestra, Taking Flight)

    There is also a video of Sheona White playing Apès un Rêve, which I added because it is great music for a euphonium player to know (even though here it is played on ...
  6. Dave Werden, Last Rose of Summer

    This is from a trip I took to my old home town, Davenport, Iowa. My 9th grade music teacher was having her 80th birthday and asked some former students to play. This is from that day. It's in a church basement so acoustics are not ideal. Also, I did not have my music glasses. You may notice a very large piece of music on my stand. I had to go to Kinko's to blow up my music well enough so I could see it with my regular glasses! I found most of the notes, though. It was my own arrangement, so I knew ...
  7. USCG Euphonium-Tuba Quartet: Wilhelm Ramsoe, Quartet

    YouTube now has a video of The United States Coast Guard Band Euphonium-Tuba Quartet, performing at The Armed Forces School of Music. This video is the first of three movements of the Ramsoe Quartet, arranged by Gary Buttery. It was one of our most popular pieces on recitals and is pretty challenging.

    You can get the sheet music here:

    Ramsoe Quartet, arr. by Gary Buttery

    You can see the video here or by watching the embedded video below. ...
  8. Video - Dave Werden, I'll Be Seeing You

    There is a new video on YouTube now of me playing "I'll Be Seeing You." This was from a tour to England as part of the World War II remembrance activities. The song was very popular during WWII as an instrumental or vocal (usually the latter). Half of my interpretation was a kind-of tribute to Al Hirt, who could play a ballad and yet sneak in a lot of fast notes.

    If you are a forum member, follow this link to learn a little more about the performance:

    Downloads ...
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