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  1. What If Your Horn Rattles or Buzzes?

    This is a very common question on my forum. Many players experience unpleasant and distracting noises from their horns, whether the instruments are new or old. The most common cause is metal-to-metal contact where it should not exist (or where it should be buffered).

    The very simplest cause can be something you are wearing. Among the items that have caught me by surprise on my own person/horn are sweatshirt zippers, buttons, and the clip of my pen (shirt pocket).

    Another ...
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  2. Why Horn Responsiveness Is Important

    For a long time I thought that a euphonium's response was relatively down the list of important factors when choosing a horn. First was the sound. And I broke down sound into two necessities: 1) the sound had to be big and have good projection, and 2) the sound had to have a character that fit well into various styles and could be "bent" or "shaded" somewhat when necessary. And second on my overall list was clarity of sound during technical passages. No sense working hard to play some tough piece ...
  3. We Just Added a What's New Section for the Blog and the Forum

    If you want to see the latest activity on the blog or the forum, you can do so on one page. There is a new link in the menu bar above, called "What's New?". This will take you to a quick overview of the latest activities in both the blog and the forum.

    When viewing the blog, you should see your profile in the right column. There is a "Subscribe to this Blog" link, where you can specify whether you only want notifications when you log in, or if you would like an instant email when something ...
  4. Derick Kane Video - Star Lake Pep Song

    I added a new video to my Euphonium Videos page. It is quite a lot of fun! It features British Salvation Army euphonium soloist Derick Kane, accompanied by composer Peter Graham. Here is the link (on a page with 614 other great euphonium videos!):

  5. Finding a College Teaching Job 101

    "What do you want to do when you grow up?" is a question commonly asked of children or young teens. But it also comes up for college students and adults, although it's expressed differently. The job market varies from good news to bad news, sometimes without much notice, and competition for one's desired job can be very tough indeed. Careful planning is important; by the time you are in college you need to get serious about your future.

    Having taught brass at two state universities, ...
  6. David Werden Award ITEA's Lifetime Achievement Award

    Press Release
    July 21, 2012
    Contact: [email protected]

    On June 29, 2012, at the International Tuba-Euphonium Conference 2012 in Linz, Austria, euphonium artist and teacher David Werden was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award of the International Tuba-Euphonium Association (ITEA). Presenting the award were ITEA President Deanna Swoboda, and Dr. Brian Bowman introduced the winner.

    Dr. Bowman covered some highlights of Werden's career, including his 26 years ...
  7. Matt van Emmerik - Concert Gallop Video from IEI

    Straight from the 2012 International Euphonium Institute we have a video of the great euphonium artist Matt van Emmerick. He is playing "Concert Gallop" by Brendan Collins.

    Matt is an Adams Custom artist. He plays an Adams euphonium equipped with a trigger and a sterling silver bell. All Adams euphoniums are available in different metal weights, and Matt chose the .60" thickness metal with a brushed lacquer finish. It's a striking instrument visually and sounds great, as you can ...
  8. Milestone - 600 Euphonium Videos Collected on One Page!

    When I was in high school, if I had purchased every euphonium recording on the market I would have owned six or eight albums and therefore 50-70 songs. It would have meant chasing down the addresses of the record companies and sending a check; then I might have received the albums in a few weeks.

    Today it's different. There are many dozens of euphonium CD's available right now. You can download euphonium recordings from Amazon, instantly and for about $9 per CD or 99 cents per ...
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