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Trombone Mouthpieces

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Any brass musical instrument will respond better and produce better tone when it is used with a mouthpiece that best fits the horn and the player. The list below consists of trombone mouthpiece specifications provided by manufacturer's literature. Different brands may measure slightly differently. The cup depth indication is subjective and is provided for convenience. The abbveviations are: S=shallow, MS=medium-shalloe, M=medium, MD=medium-deep, D=deep. One maker's M might be comparable to another maker's MD. The same subjectivity applies to the Rim Width indication. Entries in the Notes column are usually gleaned from the maker's marketing literature. (If you don't see a mouthpiece brand that should be included, or if you have corrections, please use our contact form to send a suggestion. It would help if you can provide the manufacturer's web site.)
If you wish to find moutpieces that are close to yours in size (or close to another model you know), just click on the Rim column for the one you want to compare. The page will reload with mouthpieces that are the same size, or are slightly smaller or larger.
Shank size: Large, Bass Trombone Size. (Change to:   Tenor )
Comparing mouthpieces near 27.99 mm in cup width   (View all sizes)
Brand Model Rim
Cup Depth Rim Width Throat Back
Bach  1G (buy)  28.00 / 1.102" Medium-Thin, Rounded  .319"  800S   
  1G Mega  28.00 / 1.102" Medium-Thin, Rounded  .319"  800S   
Curry  1D (buy)  28.00 / 1.102" .288"  #440  Deep cup 
Doug Elliott  110  28.00 / 1.102"          
Ferguson  L Bass  28.10 / 1.106"     Wide rim 
Griego  1.5  27.99 / 1.102"   .312"     
Jerome Callet  BD28  28.00 / 1.102"          
Joseph Klier  P1  28.00 / 1.102"          
Marcinkiewicz   1.5G (buy)  27.84 / 1.096"     7.14mm     
  3 (buy)  27.84 / 1.096"     7.17mm     
  28.19 / 1.110"     7.14mm     
MMP Brasswind  BTC 1  27.99 / 1.102"   .281"  Open   
Rath  B1 1/4  28.10 / 1.106"     7.3mm    Bass Trombone. 
  B1-1/4 W  28.10 / 1.106"     7.3mm    Bass Trombone. Wide rim 
Stomvi  0.9  28.00 / 1.102"          
Warburton  28.00 / 1.102"          
Yamaha  60B  27.83 / 1.096" MS  semi-thick  6.91mm  semi-wide   
  60 (buy)  28.25 / 1.112" thin  8.09mm  wide    

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