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Tuba Solo CD: Pat Sheridan, Bon Bons - Old favorites from Minute Waltz to Tiger Rag.
Drums and Tuba - Vinyl Killer CD - Hard to categorize this album, but it is a lot of fun and has great sound.
Euphonium: Keith Muggeridge - Featured (on a British baritone horn) with the Williams Fairey Brass Band on 3 selections.
Tuba Accessories: Sweatshirt - Sweatshirt that says Play a Real Instrument! Play a Tuba
Euphonium CD: Tyrone Breuninger - The Classical Euphonium - Original works and transcriptions.
Magazine: Brass Band World - Subscribe to this great British source of articles on brass and banding.

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Today in Music: Birthday of jazz trumpeter Roy Eldridge (1911)

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David Werden Publications authors have written or edited books for baritones & euphoniums, tubas, and other brass instruments. We also list music arrangements for brass and woodwind instruments, woodwind quintets, brass quintets, euphonium-tuba quartets, and saxophone quartet.

Brass Videos - Highly Recommended
German Brass Goes Bach Brassed Off !

German Brass Goes Bach

Here this fantastic group play a live recital, using all the members of the brass family (including tuba, euphonium, and valve trombone). They all make it look really easy. Outstanding musicianship! Brassed Off A fine movie about a British Brass Band and its struggle to get to the national championships. Stars Ewan McGregor and Tara Fitzgerald. Features the Grimethorp Colliery Band
A Night at the Opera Three Nights with Canadian Brass
A great recital by the talented Haken Hardenberger (trumpet) and Christian Lindberg (trombone). Two of the world's finest brass virtuosi demonstrate excellence in solo performances! Great players who are also great entertainers. Here and see the wonderful Canadian Brass in 3 live concerts from 3 different decades.

This site is intended to be a valuable resource for tuba and euphonium / baritone. You will find special articles for baritone / euphonium and tuba on this site that are not available anywhere else.

We also host other sites of interest to low brass players, including the official website for America's Premier Large Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble, Symphonia (founded by R. Winston Morris) , and a site with helpful advice and examples on taking military band auditions.

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